Gymnastics and Specialty Classes

Gymnastics Classes:

  • Preschool Age 2-3

  • Preschool Ages 3-4

  • Preschool Ages 4-5

  • Rec Level 1

  • Rec Level 2

  • Rec Level 3

  • Rec Level 4

Specialty Classes:

  • Ninja Monkey

  • Acro for Dancers

  • Private Lessons

  • JumpStart

  • Aerial Arts

Special Events

  • Birthday Parties

  • Parent Night Out

  • Open Gym

Our coaching staff is continually evaluating your child's skills, strengths and abilities throughout the class that your child is currently registered.  If we determine that your child exceeds the skills expectations of the current class that they are registered in, we will discuss with you the option and costs, if any, of transferring your gymnast into the next higher level class during the current session.  If you have any questions regarding this option, please speak with our coaching staff.

Family and Multi-Class Discounts Available

Jumpn Gymnastics offers family and multi-class discounts on class fees for those parents who have more than one child within the same family enrolling together in one or more of our classes.  Discounts will be applied automatically when you register for classes on our new online Parent Portal.

New Online Registration Parent Portal

Jumpn Gymnastics has implemented a new online Parent Portal, which gives parents much more flexibility during the class registration, student enrollment and family account setup.  We have also eliminated the annual registration fee 'per student', and have adopted an annual 'per family' anniversary fee that will be automatically charged to your debit or credit card when you first register your child online.

Our new online registration process is fairly straightforward and easy to use.  All mandatory forms and waivers are presented online and provides for easy acknowledgement and electronic signature by parents, with the option to printout for your records.  This is one of the ways that we are trying to 'go green' and comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act.  When you register a child for a class, you will be presented with instructions regarding what information to provide, an online shopping cart listing your selections, and a payment processing screen.  Upon completing the registration process, the Parent Portal will either present an acknowledgment receipt that your child has been successfully registered, or, that a request has been made for those specific class selections that require us to review your request before approval is granted.

We are very excited that this new process will add benefit to both you and Jumpn Gymnastics. Please provide us with any feedback, good or not good, regarding your experience with this system. Thank you.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  After you register for your classes and upon checkout, select the “Autopay” option to charge your Credit/Debit Card.  If you select the option to only save your information, then your card will NOT be charged, and NO class enrollment request will occur.  Please check your email inbox for a confirmation email stating that your credit/debit card was charged for your selections.

** If you did NOT get a confirmation email stating that your card has been charged, please double-check your Spam or Junk email folders on your device.  If you still don't find any confirmation email, then your enrollment did NOT go through and was NOT processed.**

Important info about your email:  If you opt out of receiving emails from us, you will not get new session updates or important information if the gym has to close, because of weather or other emergencies!