My daughter has been attending classes at Jumpn Gymnastics for just under a year. She has ADHD, and since starting at Jumpn Gymnastics we have noticed many improvements! Her energy is used in such a positive way, and she has developed a focus for something she has been able to become passionate about, and proud of. The coaches are kind , great at teaching technique needed to further her passion and are helping to guide her on a journey she loves!

- Stacey P.

Jamie, a mom from Milaca: We recommend Jumpn Gymnastics to any beginner or serious gymnast. The coaches set high standards emphasizing excellent technique while embracing each student with encouragement. We were blown away at our first practice when the coaches actually taught how to fall and how to make mistakes so that gymnasts decrease injury. This has made our daughter fearless and fantastic! My daughter has grown more in one session with Jumpn Gymnastics than she did in six sessions at our previous group. We will NEVER go anywhere else!

- We will NEVER go anywhere else!

Harmony has said she has found her new love!

- M. Werner

I like that the Jumpn Gymnastics staff focuses on foundation work right from the start. All the coaches do wonderful with the kids. It’s great to have certificates and medals to work towards various goals. Additionally the instructions is easily understood and remembered for the younger kids. Aubrey loves coming to gymnastics!

- J. Olson

Jumpn Gymnastics is so positive. My daughter works hard during every class and feels like she has accomplished so much. Jumpn gymnastics has quality instructors allowing each student to progress at their own pace.

- J. Yanke

Jumpn gymnastics has several locations and class times for me to choose from. They have positive instructors that give personal attention to my child by showing enthusiasm and teaching the why behind what they are learning. Jumpn gymnastics has improved my child’s self-esteem as she is proud of her abilities, and has grown socially. Keep up the good work!

- A. Anderson

I highly recommend Jumpn Gymnastics because my daughter has finally found something she loves to do and looks forward to coming to class each week. My daughter leaves each class proud of what she has accomplished and learned. My only regret is not starting her sooner!

- R. Rejman

I really like that the Jumpn Gymnastics instructors are motivated to keep my child focused on learning until the class is over. They teach correct gymnastics technique, so that bad habits do not have to be broken. Jumpn Gymnastics has a very friendly atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. It is a very positive and encouraging program for my daughter.

- A. Isaacsond

Jumpn Gymnastics has friendly instructors that teach correct form in a safe environment. The program offers classes at convenient times and several locations during the week. We also like that if need to reschedule a class due to illness, my child is able to make up at any location.

- E. Stronberg

I like the safety and instruction at Jumpn gymnastics because the students are shown the correct way to do gymnastics, while encouraging them to continue trying in a positive manner.

- K. Lundeen